Dr. V. Sharma M.D.
Neurology Services and Sleep Center
Dr. Sharma is now accepting new
patients in her office at 2841
Hartland Road in Falls Church.

With an expanded staff and state of
the art medical equipment and
facilities, Dr. Sharma provides the
best Neurology services in the
Northern Virginia area.
Common Question:

What is a Neurologist ?

A neurologist is a medical doctor or osteopath who has trained in the
diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders, including diseases of
the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.

Neurologists perform neurological examinations of the nerves of the head
and neck; muscle strength and movement; balance, ambulation, and
reflexes; and sensation, memory, speech, language, and other cognitive

They also perform diagnostic tests such as the following:
CAT (computed axial tomography) scan
MRI/MRA (magnetic resonance imaging/magnetic resonance angiography)
lumbar puncture (spinal tap)
EEG (electroencephalography)
EMG/NCV (electromyography/nerve conduction velocity)
V. Sharma, MD        
2841 Hartland Rd. Suite 402     Falls Church, VA 22043
Phone: (703) 778-1800         Fax: (703) 778-1803
We make patient care a priority and give detailed attention
ensuring a comprehensive evaluation for each patient.

We are pleased to offer state-of-the-art diagnostics such as:

  ADHD quotient testing
 EMG/NCV studies (electromyography/nerve conduction)
 EEG (electroencephalogram)
 Sleep studies (Polysomnograms & CPAP titrations)
 Lumbar punctures
 Trigger Point injections

Additional features
 Electronic prescriptions
 Full sleep lab